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Acorn Office Assistant Application
  • Office Assistant Position

    The Acorn is seeking a friendly, organized, and dedicated Office Assistant to help keep the school running smoothly behind the scenes. This position would include basic clerical support, such as answering phones,  record keeping, maintaining student files, data entry, and printing and making copies. Having the ability to multitask, with frequent interruptions, and still complete job assignments, is essential. Our ideal candidate would be proficient in a variety of PC and MAC computer programs and have enthusiastic knowledge of Child Development and The Acorn. If you are interested in a long-term position with our school, and to become part of The Acorn family, we would love for you to apply. 


    Who we are in depth?

    The Acorn follows the principles of Child Development, including the studies of Piaget, Erikson, and others. Children learn concretely, interacting with real materials in meaningful ways. By experiencing their world through all their senses, they develop an understanding of their environment. We encourage creative thinking, exploring the many different ways we can approach an activity. Children develop at their own pace on their own timetable. At The Acorn, activities are planned to set each child up for success, instilling a love of learning and a curiosity which inspires interesting discoveries. Individual goals are set for each child based on their developmental level.

    All staff at The Acorn are led by these guiding principles as we create an environment where children are respected and childhood is honored. Our staff is expected to exhibit a volunteer spirit, open communication skills, and a helpful attitude in ensuring that The Acorn exceeds our goals. Our school would not exist without a passionate and knowledgeable office team, which collaborates to keep the school functioning in a smooth and confident manner. 


    Position Responsibilities:
    • Assist with scheduled important meetings
    • Assist Director and Office Manager with day-to-day activities.
    • Answer and direct incoming calls by following policies and procedures
    • Interact respectfully with parents and provide exceptional customer service to help meet their individual needs.
    • Keep an inventory of goods necessary for the operations of the school and order as needed.
    • Assist with the gathering, completion, and organization of necessary documentation of children's files.
    • Assists with the management of databases and files.
    • Prepare paperwork when needed.
    • Composing professionally written emails as requested.
    • Basic office duties
    • Social Media Management
    • Website support and management
    • Upload photos to class photo galleries as needed.
    • Prepare and attend Saturday tours or other school events, such as the senior reunions and annual fundraisers.
    • Keep up with Acorn annual traditions, such as  photo albums of class pictures, uploading YouTube videos and creating video compositions for future Senior Reunions. 

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