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Five Year Class News 1/11/19

January 10, 2019
By The Five Year Class Team

News: Recap and Preview
Class: Blue Bear 5 yr olds
Jan. 14-18
Dramatic Play: auto body shop
Theme: modes of transportation/rhyming  
Welcome back Blue Bears! The children have had a fun week getting back into the swing of things and sharing winter break stories. This week our dramatic play is auto body shop. We have been talking about car and bike safety. We have been looking at signs that will keep us safe when we are in a car or walking along a street. Next week we will discuss different modes of transportation while practicing our rhyming skills.
Special stories:
The books we will read this week are: On the Go, Sheep in a Jeep, Sheep on a Ship and My Truck is Stuck.  
Art Activities:
This week art activities will be: rolling cars down a ramp that have been rolled through paint (community art);  license plate rubbing with chalk, oil pastels and colored pencils; water colors; making a cardboard roll car.
Small groups:
Word family book; making a ramp to roll cars down, marking the distance and discussing angles and force with a book What do Wheels do?; following patterns with vehicles then drawing the pattern.
Motor room:
Train tracks
Second large group:
Sorting vehicles with a venn diagram; puzzle match; red light, green light; build ramps for race day.

We will be having music with Ms. Lana and Spanish with Ms. Sandy on Wednesdays as well as show and tell. This week show and tell is bringing in your favorite mode of transportation.

 Lizzie, Danielle and I would also like to thank all the Blue Bear families for our awesome gifts! We appreciate you all thinking of us and for all you do for our class and school! Big thanks and hugs to all!

Important dates:

Grandparent’s day Monday, February 4, 2:30-3:30 p.m.
Casino Night fundraiser Thursday evening, February 28, at the Witte Museum

Have a wonderful weekend!!
Christine, Lizzie and Danielle