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Five Year Class News 11/30/18

November 30, 2018
By The Five Year Class Team

Dramatic Play: Gingerbread bakery

Theme: The stories of the gingerbread man 

What a fun week we have had! We have heard many renditions of the story of the gingerbread man (and girl). We read the original telling, the story retold, The Gingerbread Man 2 What Happened Next, and the Gingerbread Girl. We are making a poster board of all the books we have read. We are charting the setting of the books, the characters, what the problem was and how it was solved.

We have also looked at raw ginger and taste tested some ginger/kale drink. We made some gingerbread men and luckily they did not get away! This next week we will continue the study of Gingerbread Men stories and compare the stories told.

Special stories:

The books we will read this week are: Matzo Ball Boy, Catch That Cookie, Gingerbread Man Loose in the School and Gingerbread Man Superhero!

Art Activities:

This week art activities will be: Making our family holiday gifts, painting with holiday scented paints, pine tree branch prints.

Small groups:

Drawing and cutting out two triangles to make a star, creating cards for our assisted living caroling field trip, creasing and folding paper then cutting triangles to make snowflakes.

Motor room:


Second large group:

All week we will be singing the songs for our Forum Assisted Living field trip

On Dec. 11 we will be going to The Forum at Lincoln Heights to sing to the residents. We will perform 2 separate shows; at 1:00 and then another at 2:30. After we perform the first show we go around to the residents and pass out cards and cookies that we make at the school then we have our second performance. The residents really loved seeing our class last year; it was a treat for all! We are sending home a booklet of the songs we will be singing on our field trip. Please encourage singing these with your children; as they take their bath, have a sing along in the car, etc. Thanks! Also we will be having drop off and pick up at the field trip site. Drop off is at the regular time of 12:40 then pick up will be at the same place at 3:15. We will meet in the rotund at the front of the building.

The Forum at Lincoln Heights 311 West Nottingham Place San Antonio, TX 78209

 (210) 824-2314

If anyone would like to host a caroling party please let us know. We would like to continue the spirit of the holidays and come to your neighborhood and carol for your neighbors. If you set up 3-4 houses around yours we can go and spread the holiday cheer!

Important dates:

Tuesday Dec. 11 field trip to The Forum at Lincoln Heights

Have a great weekend!

Christine, Lizzie and Danielle