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Two Day MF Class News 10/26/18

October 26, 2018
By The Two Day MF Team

Caterpillar Connection
October 26, 2018 Bi-Weekly

We’d like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our dads and special guests who took time out of their busy schedules to come and play with us on Monday. We had a ball in the motor room showing them our Kodo discovery ramps, gutters and balls.  In the Dramatic Play room we built structures with blocks, pounded golf tees into pumpkins and used the back of the hammer to remove them, and learned the importance of hard hats and safety glasses. We shaved our guests with shaving cream and craft sticks in the Manip room, read stories in the loft, and worked with wrenches and bolts. We built structures with potato starch peanuts and feathers in art. It was a delight to see such bright smiles as the children shared their songs, stories and special gifts with their daddies and loved ones!

The last two weeks have been busy ones. With all the rain we have had lots of indoor play. We read Rainy Rainbow and Singing in the Rain, Tools and Jack’s House. We made galaxies with shaving cream and food coloring in art and glued tissue paper with liquid starch.                                                                                                     
Up and coming is our Pajama Day, and fast approaching is our Thanksgiving Feast! If you’d like to help with food prep, inside or outside of the classroom, please let me know. Of course all are welcome, but please find a sitter for younger siblings that day as we will be working with heat and such. Conferences will be here before you know it and I’m really excited to share your child’s progress thus far and I’m interested hear the goals you have for their individual growth. I will begin scheduling conferences on November 5th and they will run from November 30th thru the month of December.

Dates to Remember:                      
Monday, October 29- Pajama Day1

Have your child wear their pajamas to school and bring their favorite bedtime buddy! If you would like to help out with a special snack that day, please let us know. Keep in mind The Acorn is a nut-free school. We have a child that is dairy intolerant so we love to have choices to include those needs!

Friday, November 16- Thanksgiving Feast! We would love to have a few volunteers come in to help!


November 30- Conferences Begin
Brightest Blessings,  Pamela and Laura