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Two Day MF Class News 11/9/18

November 09, 2018
By The Two Day MF Team

Caterpillar Connection
November 9, 2018 Bi-Weekly

We transformed our construction site into a nighttime bedroom, filled the shelves with bedtime buddies and books and completely enjoyed our pajama party. Thank you Heather Garcia for providing us with a delicious nutritious snack that day. Our friend Jo dazzled the children with her rendition of A Dark Dark Tale. We were surprised to find her tiny mouse sleeping in her little wooden box at the end! Thanks Jo, for sharing your sweet story and your smile!

Rich amazed us with his dry ice presentation. He showed us how the metal spoon shakes and whirs as it touches the dry ice. He taught us how dry ice is made of compressed carbon dioxide frozen to 110° below zero. He put a piece in water to demonstrate how it turns into vapor, trapped the vapor into bubbles and popped them and poured them out of a beaker. He even put a piece inside a baby food jar and covered it with a balloon so we could see the balloon blow up. Thanks Rich for sharing!

In the Art Room we have thoroughly enjoyed painting with fluorescent paints using black lights. Our hands glowed rainbows! We dropped balls filled with different colors from different heights and watched in awe as they danced and splattered on the paper! We dyed t-shirts in tea and will paint Native American symbols on them next week for our Thanksgiving Feast. We’ve discussed what makes us feel thankful, happy and blessed. We’ve played balloon baseball, jumped on the trampoline and tossed bean bags through hoops in the motor room.

We need more volunteers to come in for our Thanksgiving Feast and help with small groups, set up tables and clean up after. Check your email tonight to see what you can sign up to bring.   Of course all parents are welcome to join us, but please find a sitter for younger siblings that day as we will be working with heat and such.    Conferences will be here before you know it and I’m really excited to share your child’s progress thus far. I’m interested to hear the goals you have for their individual growth. I will begin scheduling conferences on November 12th as I have had a limited voice this week. Conferences will run from November 30th thru the month of December.

Dates to Remember:                      
Friday, November 16- Thanksgiving Feast!.


November 30- Conferences Begin
Brightest Blessings,     Pamela and Laura