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Kindergarten News 11/30/18

November 30, 2018
By The Kindergarten Team

** REVISED DATE!!  PLEASE NOTE!!  December 19- Kindergarten Nativity Play for Kinder Families, @ 12:15 pm

What a fun week back from Thanksgiving Break! The Native America Lifeways dramatic play came down, so we could put up the stage and back drop for our Kindergarten Theater. We started the week with Jo sharing her family tradition of the telling of the Nativity Story. This was a great introduction to the play we will be presenting.

 Putting on a play takes a lot of work and the kinder kids are learning much about all aspects of theater arts. This week we talked about stage design, cast members, and projecting our voices, as we began our first rehearsals for our performance. Next week we will continue to rehearse the various roles, in costume. Everyone will get a turn to play the roles and we are practicing being patient. So, far being a sheep is a highly sought-after role! As part of our unit on theater arts, we will take a field trip to see a real stage performance (please see dates below)

In art with Ms. Sudie this week, we learned about kinetic sculpture by studying the work of Alexander Calder! His works in metal inspired us to create our own sculptures. We had fun, but it was a challenge to make our works balance.

In the spirit of the season of giving, we have talked this week about collecting money for a local San Antonio charity (we will be choosing the specific charity soon) by doing random acts of kindness. We will be giving out small change in our classroom, to be placed in our collection jar, each time we notice the kiddos doing something kind for others. We would like to encourage you to do the same at home. Each time you catch your child doing something helpful or kind they may earn pocket change, which they can bring to school and add to the collection jar. The children may also share with the class what they did to earn their donation! We will be collecting change until the end of January.

Dates to Remember

December 18- Field Trip to the Magik Theater to see Mr. Popper’s Penquins

** REVISED DATE!!  PLEASE NOTE!!  December 19- Kindergarten Nativity Play for Kinder Families, @ 12:15 pm

December 20- Secret Pal gifts due

December 21- Secret Pal gift exchange and last day before Holiday Break

December 24-Jan 4- Holiday Break