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Office News 2/8/19

February 08, 2019
By The Acorn

Friday Office Updates are Back!

Please read your class news on the website:  This link will take you to the Office News page. You can then click on the link to your child’s class, either on the right-hand side banner on a desktop, or scroll down on a mobile device.  Grandparent photos are posted on the Gallery page under Special Events, and more will be coming soon; you need to log in to view these private pages. If you have not taken the opportunity to log in yet, your email is your user name, and then click “forgot password”.


•    Prizes: NOW IS THE TIME TO GATHER PRIZES! Please continue to contact and follow up with businesses for prize donations. Please bring them to the office as you get them.
•    Raffle Tickets: sell those raffle tickets and return them to the office!
•    Wine donations: We are also continuing to collect wine.
•    Purchase Attendance Tickets Online: If you have not done so already, please go to the casino website and purchase your admission tickets to the Fundraiser!  We hope to see you at the event!
•    Sponsor a Casino Table:  We have several tables still available.  If you know of any businesses that would like to be a sponsor and have their name displayed on their table, please let us know.  They are also welcome to provide business cards or other small give-away items if they'd like.  Sponsorship is available at the casino website.
•    Time to help in the office?  We can use extra hands in the office for data entry and auction organization.  Please let us know when you might help in the days before the event. Thanks!


We have all enjoyed the delightful grandparent visits! Thanks, everyone, for helping to make these days so joyful for all!

Valentine’s Day is next week, and as your child brings in Valentines to exchange, please remember The Acorn’s NO SWEETS policy.  And as always, please NO NUTS. Thanks!

You should be receiving a Friday calendar reminder email from the website host.  If you are not, please let me know, so I can check the status online.  Thanks!

Have a Great Weekend!