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Online donation and tuition payments
Parents and Alumni can make payments below. Those who choose to mail or bring in a check or cash payment to the school office will receive a slight discount for tuition payments.
Please browse through the options and click on the desired payment to be made and select "add to cart." You may also click 'menu/search' on the left side of the screen and enter a description of the option you are looking for (ie. your child's class, annual fees, donation).
Make sure your payment was completed! Check your email for a confirmation. 

Thank you!

Payments: Donations/Tuition/Fees

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58 found.
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If you are donating to help The Acorn and you do not find the amount you want to donate above, please enter the amount below and include your name and address in the memo section. Please contact the office if you have any questions or need help completing your payment.
Thank you so much for supporting The Acorn!


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