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Online tuition payments
Parents can make payments below. Those who choose to mail or bring in a check or cash payment to the school office will receive a slight discount.
For the first 2020-21 school year payment, due by July 1, please click 'menu/search' and enter your child's class.
You can pay 3 different ways:


For a 3% discount on tuition:

1. You can choose to pay the entire year (this INCLUDES the annual fees), select Year Tuition.


For a 2% discount on tuition: 

2. You can choose to pay by semester (this INCLUDES the annual fees), select Semester 1 Tuition.


To pay monthly with annual fees:​​

3. Select Annual Fees AND Monthly Tuition

Payments: Tuition/Fees

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If you are a current parent and have a credit on your account, please contact the front office to verify the amount you owe. Enter the payment amount below. Be sure to include your child's class and type of payment (annual fees, semester 1 balance, etc.) in the memo section. 
ONLY use the option to enter your payment amount below, if you are not able to select the correct amount from the options above! Thank you!


Tuition Payment