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Developmentally Appropriate Practice through the Years

The Acorn – A School for Young Children was founded by Rich and Kitty Lange in 1980, with the goal of providing the highest quality preschool education for San Antonio’s young children.  It was quite an undertaking transforming the historical home into colorful, vibrant learning classrooms. From the very first day of opening, the school was ready with classrooms full of great equipment, an adventurous playground, and quality teachers.  Several donors provided initial funds to ensure the school would get off to a great start, and also started the seed of a fund to ensure The Acorn’s future.

The first year The Acorn offered four preschool classes serving seventy-five students; classes were full and there was a waiting list.  Expansion throughout the years has allowed the school to serve more children in the community.  In 1993, a Kindergarten wing was added, providing dedicated space for this wonderful program.  An additional 1100 square feet classroom was completed in 2017, adding a bright, sunny learning classroom with large windows upstairs overlooking the trees and Brackenridge Park.  The additions of more three day classes, a favorite choice, as well as an additional two day class, provide room to accommodate more young children.  Now The Acorn has grown to eight preschool classes and one kindergarten class, to enroll a maximum of 156 children. How exciting to think of how much the school has grown, how many lives have been touched!

As the school grew, the need for office, meeting and storage space grew.  In 1985, two offices were added onto the Broadway side of the building.  In 2016, other renovations were made and the main offices were moved near the school entrance, offering a warm welcoming atmosphere to all who visit.  At the same time, an outdoor storage room was converted into an inside teacher workroom and storage area. The former office spaces were changed into meeting and conference rooms, which were much needed upgrades. 

Each improvement throughout the years brought a lot of excitement.  Thanks to the original donations, the formation of The Acorn Endowment, and contributions from alumni families and others in the community, The Acorn continues to be an outstanding facility and a top-notch campus.

The Acorn thrives and our story continues to grow, thanks to our Acorn families spreading the word and sharing their experiences at the school! It is heartwarming to enroll second generation Acorn children, whose parents attended The Acorn themselves! Each year begins a new chapter, as new families enroll their children for fun, creative, hands-on learning experiences!



Acorn Founders Rich and Kitty Lange


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