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Parent Testimonials: 

“The teachers know your kiddo.  Like reeeally know.  They know them in a way I couldn’t unpack as a parent.  They related to them and provided them the tools and the space to learn at thier own pace with a focus on thier strengths and an inherent ability to shore up the not so strong areas.  It was a nurturing environment that relished in childhood- as it should be- the dirty, the creative, the spontaneous play and the guided focus learning through play.  They weren’t fixated on meeting benchmarks- they know those would come in the right time if the foundation and love for leaning were established.  The Acorn School sets the foundation for the love of learning.  This is what we wanted.  This is what we were seeking.  The Acorn delivered.  Again.  And again.  And again.  10 years is a good run at a preschool.” -Natalie Matthews

End of Year Survey responses 2022:

• Holistic. Super human staff. Parents learn & grow too. So many opportunities to be involved and participate in wonderful Acorn activities. Feels like family. I love how y’all ask us to contribute. 

• We were only here for a semester thus far and in that time we did not see weaknesses. Strengths – The warm, loving environment that greeted us every morning was unlike any other school. Communication with teachers was outstanding. Preparing the class to welcome my child from day one will never be forgotten. (5 Day AM)

• The teachers are excellent, curriculum engaging and stimulating, we have no complaints. (4 Day PM)
• This is such a solid program. Staff is incredible. Everyone goes above and beyond.

• Very satisfied with my child’s experience & the progress she has made. Love the opportunities for interaction on parent days/fiesta/etc. and gives us as parents the chance to see the children in the school and what it’s like. 
• I love everything about the Acorn. I love the weekly newsletters especially. 

• The Acorn is phenomenal! We love the school – it seems to get better and better. I love the playground improvements – and the newsletters are fantastic. It’s a wonderful place for children. 

• So much love and compassion, like a “warm hug” & fosters great love of learning. 

• The Acorn teachers remain the best. They pour their heart out to their students with their care, diligence, and nurture. We have never had a single problem with any teachers. We are extremely grateful for each of our kid’s classroom experiences.

Please comment on your child’s overall experience at school this year:
• It has been a great school year and I love that he is surrounded by teachers and staff that also truly care about him. 
• He loved everything! His teachers, the school building, playground.
• Overall, he had a great experience. Thank you for nurturing my child. 
• My child has grown so much from her year here. Her social confidence is miles above where it was at the start of the year! (2 Day TT)
• My child loves the Acorn!
• 100% / A ++ it was AWESOME!! I could not be more thrilled/pleased with our experience. It was a great fit for our child/family. I am so grateful. A huge blessing to our fam. 
• My little girl loves loves the Acorn. She has so much respect for the teachers. (2 Day TT)
• The kid is a happy camper always!
• Loves school. 
• It was absolutely wonderful, and we are so happy we sent him here. 
• She had a great year & her teachers have been amazing, especially as she had some separation struggles when being dropped off through the year. The teachers dealt with it very well in making her feel better and also making sure I knew how she was doing and keeping me informed. Have noticed huge progress in her social & learning development. You all are doing a great job & I would highly recommend the school. Keep it up!
• We had the best first year of school experience. We are so grateful to all the teachers and staff for making my child’s first year of school so great. I am so happy & blessed we chose this school (and am sad we can’t stay forever). (3 Day AM TWT)
• Lily’s class is a special place – so engaging & friendly & fun. It’s wonderful when kids are excited to go to school & look forward to it. Her communication is superb, the activities were thoughtful & interesting, and the way she makes time to talk with children – to make them feel seen & heard – is appreciated. What a brilliant way to experience school for the first time – at the Acorn & in Ms. Lily’s class. Thank you all! (3 Day AM TWT)
• My child’s experience was wonderful. 
• My child had a great time at the Acorn this year. In a not so normal year the teachers/staff tried really hard to give the classes 110% of their love and attention. You are all super heroes!
• My child’s experience was overwhelmingly positive. We have seen tremendous emotional growth. 

"The Acorn School is the kind of preschool that every child should have the good fortune to experience. As its director, Wendy's leadership is critical to how well it is run with a dedication to child-centered, research-based playful learning. During the pandemic, Wendy developed at home learning kits, which have taken off even beyond her school community. This ingenious idea exemplifies her creativity and resourcefulness. I am thankful that she shares her expertise with pre-service teachers from local universities, too."  -Deepti Kharod, National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

"Thank you, Mara. We are grateful for the way you and Wendy have handled this year. Edward's kindergarten experience could have looked very different. Thank you for being so cautious while maintaining the Acorn magic." ❤ kait gish

"The Acorn Box is by far the top shelf of Learning Kits. It has everything you could possibly need to get your kids off of screens, and learning through play. Unlike some other subscription boxes, this one comes with items that the kids will play with over and over again, as well as detailed activity books with projects that are not only fun, but easy to set up. The Acorn Box comes jam packed with supplies in a sturdy plastic case, that is incredible for storage. Again, they thought not only of the fun and learning through play for the kids, and of the ease for the parents and teachers as well.I couldn't recommend The Acorn Box any higher, and my kids have never looked more forward to getting mail." Melanie, mother in California commenting on our Play Based Learning Kits

“I think our kids are going to be as safe as they possibly can. I think the planning is very sound and I feel that my son is going to be very safe there.” Roger Garcia,M.D., Children's Hospital of San Antonio Pediatric ICU, and Acorn Parent