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Two Day MF News

Two Day MF Class News 1/18/19

January 18, 2019
By The Two Day MF Team

Caterpillar Connection: “Tuning You into Your Child's Class”
January 18, 2019 Bi-Weekly

What a great way to start 2019 with happy Caterpillars ready to learn, sing and play! We welcome our newest friend, Estefania Hengel with open arms and joyful hearts. She is a delightful addition to our class. A HUGE thank you to her mom, Beatriz, for coming in to share her expertise with us as we learned about some of the equipment doctors need to do their best to keep us healthy. The children loved wearing their gloves, hearing each other’s heart beats with her stethoscope and looking in each other’s mouths with their individual tongue depressors and her special light.  They were intrigued with all the equipment in their gift bags. Laura demonstrated with glitter how germs spread through contact, and I shared an activity with confetti in a balloon to give the children a visual representation of invisible germs. We stressed the importance of washing our hands throughout the day and how to use the inside of our elbows, our “cough pocket” to cough and sneeze.

A few thank yous go out to parents for helping to make our special Christmas snack special- Heather for the juice boxes, Brandi for the tamales and rings, Jessica for the oranges from their tree, and Sybil for making healthy wafers!

It’s incredible to me how much we fit in our time together! We have used oil pastels, swirled acrylics in liquid starch and popped balloons with paint inside to create some amazing works of art. The motor room has all the equipment of an obstacle course. Our doctor’s office has been a favorite as we have been keeping baby dolls healthy by checking temperatures, looking in ears and mouths, listening to heartbeats, monitoring blood pressures and checking reflexes. What fun! We drew in salt trays singing The Wheels on the Bus using the motions and patterns that will eventually become letters. Nest week we will begin talking about Fire Safety.

Dates to Remember:                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Monday, January 21st- Martin Luther King Day/ NO SCHOOL!
Monday, February 11th- Grandparents Day, 10:30-11:30
Friday, February 15th- Valentine’s Day/ Cowboy Breakfast- Please send in valentines for 10 children and 3 teachers to share. More info to come regarding our Cowboy Breakfast.
Monday, February 18th- Presidents Day/ NO SCHOOL
Thursday, February 28th- ACORN FUNDRAISER, 6:30 PM at the Witte Museum

Our Caterpillar class quilt is almost finished! We will send out a picture very soon and put it on display! Be sure to put your bids in!
Brightest Blessings,   Pamela, Laura and Carrie 

Two Day MF Class News 12/14/18

December 13, 2018
By The Two Day MF Team

Caterpillar Connection
December 14, 2018 Bi-Weekly

What a special time of year as our hearts overflow with gratitude! Our Caterpillars have been busy creating, exploring and of course, learning through play. Miss Laura shared her family’s holiday tradition of hiding a pickle in the tree. The children had fun finding the pickle in our Christmas tree in the Dramatic Play room. They have been wrapping “gifts” and decorating the tree with beads and ornaments. They squealed with delight as we painted with our feet in the Art room. My, how that tickled! We’ve painted with cookie cutters, collaged with stickers and played with gingerbread playdough. We’ve counted, sorted and made patterns with jingle bells and pom poms making bracelets and filling ornaments. There are trains and tracks in the motor room and sit and spins for those that choose to be more active. Our reading loft is full of books to celebrate the season. We have been learning technique on how to snip and cut with scissors, and squeezing hole punches with all our might!     The children’s eyes sparkled in awe as the Kindergarten class performed their Nativity play for us! They did a marvelous job and we thank them for sharing it with us. We are looking forward to having Jo delight is with her Nativity story next week. Thanks in advance Jo!

We are having a special snack on Friday December 21st.  If you would like to share a family Christmas treat that meets our nutrition policy please let me know. Thank you!

Three weeks on vacation can be a long time for our little Caterpillars so as the time draws near for our return it would be helpful to share some of the photos of their smiling faces that I’ve shared with you over the past few months. Please take the time to double check to see if you’ve remembered to label their jackets and sweaters. We are looking forward to getting back in action!

Please remember to send in your Grandparent Questionnaires by January 11th when you return from our Holiday Break. You may submit them through email or print them and bring them in. Remember that we need one for each set of grandparents. Thank you.       

Dates to Remember:                      
Monday December 24th - Friday January 4th HOLIDAY BREAK/ NO SCHOOL!

Monday, January 7th- TEACHER WORK DAY/ NO SCHOOL

Friday, January 11th- Class Resumes/ Grandparent Questionnaires Due

We’d like to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are honored and blessed to be Caterpillar Teachers.                                                            
Brightest Blessings,
Pamela, Laura and Carrie   

Two Day MF Class News 11/30/18

November 30, 2018
By The Two Day MF Team

Caterpillar Connection
October 12, 2018 Bi-Weekly

In Dramatic Play we have gone from exploring nature in our cave to discovering space in our rocket ship. The trees are gone and in their place is the night time sky. We are launching into outer space and walking on the moon. What a “blast” we are having! We are discovering why astronauts wear space suits and are experimenting with gravity!

In the Art Room we have painted with different media, brushes on wood and painting with strings, marbles and golf balls. Our surprises for our Dad’s/Special Friend’s visit are almost complete.

We were intrigued by the gutters and balls in the Motor Room as we ventured into physics. We built towers, interlocked the gutters and watched in awe as the balls travelled through the course!

Ms Laura delighted us as she read Good Night Moon. Next week we will continue exploring in space and begin working with construction! Coming up after our Dad’s/Special Friends Day is our Pajama day. See the “Dates to Remember” section for details.                                                                   

The children really enjoyed our sensory balls. It turns out that you can make them at home with polymer water beads (just search water beads or they are sometimes available at plant nurseries), water, a water bottle and a clear balloon! Let your water beads soak in water for a few hours. Put them in a 16.9 oz water bottle. Cover the top with the balloon and pour them into the balloon. Let the air out, tie it off and VOILA! You have a safe sensory ball for hours of playtime fun!  

Dates to Remember:                      
Monday, October 22- Dad’s/ Special Friend’s Day from 10:30 to 11:30 Thank you for your assistance with our questionnaires. The stories are adorable and we are looking forward to sharing them!

Monday, October 29- Pajama Day
Have your child wear their pajamas to school and bring their favorite bedtime buddy! If you would like to help out with a special snack that day, please let us know. Keep in mind that other classes have nut allergies, so we avoid them. We have a child that is dairy intolerant so we’d love to have choices!
Brightest Blessings,  Pamela and Laura

Two Day MF Class News 11/9/18

November 09, 2018
By The Two Day MF Team

Caterpillar Connection
November 9, 2018 Bi-Weekly

We transformed our construction site into a nighttime bedroom, filled the shelves with bedtime buddies and books and completely enjoyed our pajama party. Thank you Heather Garcia for providing us with a delicious nutritious snack that day. Our friend Jo dazzled the children with her rendition of A Dark Dark Tale. We were surprised to find her tiny mouse sleeping in her little wooden box at the end! Thanks Jo, for sharing your sweet story and your smile!

Rich amazed us with his dry ice presentation. He showed us how the metal spoon shakes and whirs as it touches the dry ice. He taught us how dry ice is made of compressed carbon dioxide frozen to 110° below zero. He put a piece in water to demonstrate how it turns into vapor, trapped the vapor into bubbles and popped them and poured them out of a beaker. He even put a piece inside a baby food jar and covered it with a balloon so we could see the balloon blow up. Thanks Rich for sharing!

In the Art Room we have thoroughly enjoyed painting with fluorescent paints using black lights. Our hands glowed rainbows! We dropped balls filled with different colors from different heights and watched in awe as they danced and splattered on the paper! We dyed t-shirts in tea and will paint Native American symbols on them next week for our Thanksgiving Feast. We’ve discussed what makes us feel thankful, happy and blessed. We’ve played balloon baseball, jumped on the trampoline and tossed bean bags through hoops in the motor room.

We need more volunteers to come in for our Thanksgiving Feast and help with small groups, set up tables and clean up after. Check your email tonight to see what you can sign up to bring.   Of course all parents are welcome to join us, but please find a sitter for younger siblings that day as we will be working with heat and such.    Conferences will be here before you know it and I’m really excited to share your child’s progress thus far. I’m interested to hear the goals you have for their individual growth. I will begin scheduling conferences on November 12th as I have had a limited voice this week. Conferences will run from November 30th thru the month of December.

Dates to Remember:                      
Friday, November 16- Thanksgiving Feast!.


November 30- Conferences Begin
Brightest Blessings,     Pamela and Laura

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