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Acorn Memorial Brick Walkway: 

Would you like a special way to be a part of The Acorn’s history?  You can order your child’s name engraved on an Acorn walkway brick by completing the form and bringing it in with your payment!  We frequently glance out the window to see alumni walking up and down the path, looking at their brick and those of their friends.  For a $100 donation, a child, parent, grandparent, etc., can have their name engraved on a brick and be remembered forever.  Some people have even engraved their company name or a pet’s name.  When we have the reunion of all the graduating high school seniors each year here at the school, one of the highlights is always when the students find their bricks again.  We have over 600 bricks in the walkway now, and it increases every year.  We add bricks each summer so please take this opportunity to be included in this Acorn “monument”.  Every Acorn child really should have a brick by which to be remembered.


Please click here to download the Acorn Brick Order Form. Complete and turn in to the office with your $100 payment by cash or check, made out to The Acorn.

Thank you for being a part of our Acorn Family!!!