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Three Day TWTh Class News 9/17/21

September 15, 2021
By Hummingbird Team

Weekly News: Recap and Preview

      Class: 3 AM TWT – Hummingbirds


Recent News:

We met our Music Teacher, Ms. Ruth, and our Spanish Teacher, Ms. Mary, this week!

BOOKS – We read The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper and talked about how we need to make good choices to help people and to try new things even if they seem hard. In Elmer by David McKee we got to laugh at Elmer’s silly antics and learn that everyone is different.

ART – We enjoyed some sensory exploration with shaving cream, decorated paper airplanes, and glued paper squares onto a giant paper Elmer that we will hang over the staircase to see every day.

MUSIC - We learned how to spell STOP on a stop sign and practiced stopping while dancing to “STOP Children’s Song” by Patty Shukla.

SCIENCE – We threw our paper airplanes from different heights on the playground and compared the different resulting distances.

ACTIVITIES – We introduced identifying the letters in each of our names on our own name cards, which we will do every day before snack. We also played a color identifying and sorting game.

HEALTH - Ms. Lily demonstrated the importance of rubbing the soap all over our hands when we wash them by smearing paint all over her hands, so we could really see when they were clean.  We wash our hands to the following song a lot:

To the tune of “Frere Jacques”

Tops and bottoms, tops and bottoms

In between, in between

Rubbing all the germs off, rubbing all the germs off

To make our hands clean, to make our hands clean

Week of 9/21-9/23

Theme: Doctor's Office/The Human Body

Dramatic Play: Doctor's Office


The Dramatic Play Room will be transformed into a Doctor’s Office!  We will have baby dolls, various medical instruments, sa ink, and a Check-In Table with keyboard and phone.   We will be learning some amazing things about the human body. 

Tuesday (9/21) we will begin our study of our world and beyond.

Wednesday (9/22) we will have Music with Ms. Ruth and Spanish with Ms. Mary.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!   

Lily, Janet, and Ashley

Three Day AM TWT Class News 9/10/21

September 08, 2021
By Hummingbirds

Weekly News: Recap and Preview

Class: 3 AM TWT – Hummingbirds

Recent News:

The Hummingbirds’ first week at school flew by so fast.  We had such a wonderful time getting to know your children and introducing them to this fantastic class of Hummingbirds.

On the first day, to help ease the transition of coming to school, we read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  In this story Chester Raccoon does not want to go to school because he wants to stay at home with Mama Raccoon.  However, when Mama teaches him about the Kissing Hand he is ready to go meet new friends and try new things. 

On Wednesday, Ms. Mara came to visit us and told us about masks and different ways we can help keep ourselves and each other healthy and safe. Then we did a science experiment by scattering a lot of black pepper on top of a bowl of water and saw how it quickly avoided the dish soap we put on the end of a Q-tip. This illustrated how germs react to soap and emphasized the importance of using soap when we wash our hands.

On Thursday, we learned about vehicle safety when reading Watch Out! On the Road by Claire Llewellyn and we practiced following directions right away with a game of Red Light, Green Light.   

In art this week we drew with tempera paint sticks, painted with watercolors, and made tire tracks by rolling vehicles in paint.

We also had fun playing a car rolling game to help us get to know each other better.

The Assistant Teachers!

Our wonderfully loving Assistant Teachers are Janet Fenton and Ashley Roper.

Miss Janet joined the Acorn last year and is very happy to be back again this year. Most of the children know her as the person who always helped them wash their hands when they arrived on the playground. She received her bachelor’s from Montana State University and has taught kindergarten through high school when homeschooling her children. She volunteers in the nursery and with the Children’s Ministry at Christ Episcopal Church. She lives with her husband of 33 years, two daughters, and two dogs. In her free time, she loves to read, sew, and do color-by-number.

Miss Ashley is excited to join our Acorn family this year. She will be teaching in both the Caterpillar and Hummingbird classes. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Family and Consumer Science concentrating in Child Development from Baylor University. This is her second year teaching after graduation, but she has been teaching in various capacities for several years. She is very close to her parents, three brothers, and dog named Sadie Lou. She currently attends Community Bible Church. She is a huge sports fan and particularly loves the Baylor Bears, Spurs, and any college basketball and football games. She enjoys shopping, gluten free and dairy free cooking, The Defined Dish cooking, and the Olympics.

Week of 9/14-9/16

Theme: Safety with Friends

Dramatic Play: Transportation/Mechanic Shop


In Dramatic Play we will continue to have a Mechanic Shop with various tools, cleaning supplies, and a sink as well as various types of vehicles to drive and fly, train tracks to connect, and babies with car seats, and traffic signs.

Wednesday we will get to meet our Music teacher, Ms. Ruth, and our Spanish teacher, Ms. Mary.

Lunch Bunches begin this week for those of you who are registered for it.

Reminder: Please place your car sign in a highly visible position when you are in the car line. Some possible options include attached to the visor, properly propped up in the windshield, or held out the driver’s window.

Please remember to send a water bottle with your child’s name on it every day. The children have enjoyed taking very good care of their water bottles at school.

We’re having a great time and are looking forward to a super year together!   

Lily, Janet, and Ashley

3 Day am TWT Hummingbird Class Intro Letter 2021-2022

July 26, 2021
By The Acorn

Dear Parents,

We are excited to start another school year.  We will be having a special parent-child orientation on Wednesday, September 1 from 11-11:45. This will be an opportunity for parents and children to tour the classroom together, explore the playground and meet your child’s teachers and classmates.  All parents will need to wear masks while in the building and children are encouraged to wear masks while in the building as well.  Your child’s first day of school will be Tuesday, September 7, when the children come for only two hours from 8:40 to 10:40. Most children will be ready to stay on their own, though if you feel your child needs you to stay, you may remain in the “Parent Parking Zone,” outside the gate, because we are still limiting adults in the building. Your child’s second day of school, Wednesday, September 8, we will begin the regular class times: 8:40 - 11:30. 

The Three-Day Class (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday AM Class) will be using our main upstairs classroom, and your child’s Head Teacher is Lily Fenton. Lily has over ten years’ experience working with preschoolers and a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science with a major in Family and Child Development from Texas State University.  She also holds an Associate’s Degree in Music, majoring in piano. She is also the Nursery Director at Christ Episcopal Church.  She likes to play piano, read, watercolor, and do calligraphy in her spare time. The children are drawn to her kind, sensitive nature, and you will enjoy getting to know her. She also will serve as head teacher in the Three Day Afternoon Class. 

Lily will introduce your child’s other teachers in the first newsletter. 

During your child’s home visit, we would like for you to provide two changes of clothing for your child, which we will keep here all year, just in case we need it.  Please include underwear, socks, a shirt, and pants, and put them inside a zip-lock bag with your child’s name clearly marked on it. If your child ever needs these clothes and wears them home, please return them the next day to replenish their bag. 

Many thanks; we do appreciate your cooperation!  We are really looking forward to classes beginning on the 7th.  We all can’t wait to get started on a new school year!   Enjoy the rest of the summer, and we’ll see you soon!

Rich, Wendy, and Mara

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