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3 Day am MWF Honeybees Class Intro Letter 2021-2022

July 26, 2021
By The Acorn

Dear Parents,

We are excited to start another school year.  We will be having a special parent-child orientation on Wednesday, September 1 from 9-9:45. This will be an opportunity for parents and children to tour the classroom together, explore the playground and meet your child’s teacher and classmates.  All parents will need to wear masks while in the building and children are encouraged to wear masks as well. Your child’s first day of school will be Wednesday, September 8, when the children come for only two hours from 8:40 to 10:40. Most children will be ready to stay on their own, though if you feel your child needs you to stay, you may remain in the “Parent Parking Zone” outside the gate, as we are still limiting adults in the building. Your child’s second day of school, Friday, September 10, we will begin the regular class times: 8:40 - 11:30. 

The Three Day Class (Monday, Wednesday, Friday AM Class) will be using our downstairs classroom, and your child’s Head Teachers are Mary Ellen Melville and Maria Corona.  They also teach the Two Day Morning Class.  Mary Ellen taught with us for six years in the Two and Three Day Morning Classes when her children were younger, and returned to teach with us again eighteen years ago.  She holds her degree from Incarnate Word.  She is deeply committed to creating the best possible experience for her students, and brings lots of child-centered activities to the classroom.  She also enjoys building closer relationships with all the parents.  You will enjoy her insight into the young child and her gentle positive, shining outlook. Her daughter, Melanie, is an Incarnate Word graduate, and lives “across the pond” in England. Her Acorn graduate, James, holds his Masters in History and World Religions, and he teaches History here in San Antonio.  She and her husband, Tom, enjoy relaxing, reading, and walking their dog, Red.

This will be Maria’s seventeenth year at The Acorn. Her knowledge of Child Development is an asset to the program. She has held Site Supervision, Lead Teacher, and Program Director positions in the past. Her pleasant attitude makes everyday a treat for all around her. She gives each child such individualized attention and they respond to her with glee. Her observations and keen insight help create an enriching classroom experience.  And her organization skills keep everything running smoothly.  Maria and her husband, Carlos, have two children.  Jessica graduated from Texas A&M here in San Antonio and is pursuing her career.  Her son, Joseph, attends Alamo College.

Mary Ellen and Maria will introduce your child’s other teachers in their first newsletter.  Our schedule is to begin specials (Music and Spanish) and lunch bunch, for those registered, the second week of school.

During your child’s home visit, we would like for you to provide two changes of clothing for your child, which we will keep here all year, just in case we need it.  Please include underwear, socks, a shirt, and pants, and put them inside a zip-lock bag with your child’s name clearly marked on it. If your child ever needs these clothes and wears them home, please return them the next day to replenish their bag. 

Many thanks; we do appreciate your cooperation!  We are really looking forward to classes beginning on the 8th.  We all can’t wait to get started on a new school year!  Enjoy the rest of the summer, and we’ll see you soon!

Rich, Wendy, and Mara

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7/26/21 - By The Acorn