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Four Day PM Class News

Four Day Class News 3/8/19

March 08, 2019
By The Four Day Class Team


MARCH 18 to 22, 2019


Hello Red Apple Parents,

Next week is Spring Break; we return to school on Monday, March 18th. Have wonderful time and we can’t wait to hear about your adventures during your family time together.

The following week we are mixing colors, painting with wet noodles, playing with play dough and creating fun sculptures with model magic, pipe cleaners and beads.

In small groups we are lacing cards, we will tie die small baby wipes and also we are rolling the dice, counting the dots and jumping on the trampoline the number rolled.

In large group we will do the estimation jar, yoga with Miss Terri, read fun books about artists and their creative works, and end with show and tell on Friday.

Have a fun week off,

Lourdes, Katie and Terri


Four Day Class News 3/1/19

March 01, 2019
By The Four Day Class Team

MARCH  4 TO MARCH 8, 2019


Hello Red Apple Parents, we hope you all had a very nice evening at our annual fundraiser! It was very nice to see you at this fun event.  We want to send a special thank you to Ashley Jenne for lending her photography skills to our class project. It is SO FABULOUS!


This week we move into art studio as our dramatic play. In art we are using tissue appear squares and vinegar to create a fun design, we will use textured paint rollers, paint on paper that has a geometric design and we end the week with painting under the table as we cover the underneath of tables with paper.


In small groups we will examine works of art and learn to see different things within the paintings, we will make our own snack by painting bread with food coloring and then toasting it, we will continue practicing the correct way to hold a pencil with our “sleepy fingers” activity and lastly we will practice riding bikes outside.


We will do a science activity and learn about absorption, stretch our muscles in yoga with Miss Terri on Thursday, paint a cooperative painting and use our listening skills to follow directions using a color song.

We wish you a very happy weekend,

The Red Apple Teachers

Lourdes, Katie and Terri

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