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Five Year Class News 3/8/19

March 08, 2019
By The Five Year Class Team

News: Recap and Preview
Class: Blue Bear 5 yr olds
March 18-22
Dramatic Play: Space
Theme: Planet earth and gravity

The children have been having a great time blasting off into outer space! Our astronauts loved traveling in our Acorn Space Shuttle. We have been discussing the first moon landing and the Astronauts that first walked on the moon. We have also been discussing the sun and moon and how they affect the earth. This week we continue our study of the sun and moon while also investigating planet earth and the force of gravity.

Special stories:
The books we will read this week are: Our Place in Space; Gravity; The Day Katie McAverty Turned Off the Gravity; The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth.

Art Activities:
This week art activities will be: Cosmic lights with fluorescent salt paint; Community art, dropping sand filled balloons from the big slide onto butcher paper; gravity drip painting; painting with magnets.

Small groups:
Planet earth globe ball game: we will catch the globe and note if our hands are touching blue (water) or green (land). Then we will be tallying the water to land ratio.  magnet experiments, partner maze building with connecting cubes on magnetic tray then lead your magnetic ball through maze built by your partner.

Motor room:

Second large group:
Adventure in space; Blast off; Bean bag boogie

We will be having Spanish with Ms. Sandy on Wednesday and music with Mrs. Lana. This week show and tell is on Wednesday and is the letter P.

Important dates:

March 11-15 No School Spring Break

Have a wonderful Spring Break!!
Christine, Lizzie and Danielle

Five Year Class News 2/2219

February 22, 2019
By The Five Year Class Team

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