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5 Day am Bluestar Class Introduction Letter 21-22

July 26, 2021
By The Acorn

Dear Parents,

We are excited to start another school year. We will be having a special parent-child orientation on Thursday, September 2 from 10-10:45. This will be an opportunity for parents and children to tour the classroom together, explore the playground and meet your child’s teachers.  All parents will need to wear masks while in the building and children are encouraged to wear masks while in the building as well. Your child’s first day of school will be Tuesday, September 7, when the children come for only two hours from 8:40 to 10:40. Most children will be ready to stay on their own, though if you feel your child needs you to stay, you may remain in the “Parent Parking Zone”, outside the gate, as we are still limiting adults in the building. Your child’s second day of school, Wednesday, September 8, we will begin the regular class times: 8:40 - 11:30. 

The Five Day Classroom will be using our upstairs classroom, and your child’s Head Teacher is Christa Trippy. Christa is no stranger to The Acorn, as both her son Stephen and daughter Sarah are Acorn alumni.  Stephen currently lives in Houston and Sarah will be a senior at Miami University in Ohio this year.  Christa has been actively involved in her two children’s various schools throughout their lives, as PTSA president, Choir lead parent, Science Club Organizer and Chess Club Organizer. Christa is a graduate of Trinity University’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and holds several teaching certifications in Texas.  She has previously taught Kindergarten and 1st Grade.  She loves to teach young children – especially Science! Before following her heart into early education, Christa obtained a BS from Angelo State University. She worked as a Research Microbiologist for 18+ years at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.  Christa is also an Air Force spouse, having been married to her husband Matt, a retired Air Force officer, for the past 31 years.  Matt & Christa have lived here in San Antonio since 1994. Christa is a natural fit into The Acorn. She believes the most important thing is to create a sense of caring and trust in her classroom, so that students feel safe to explore and make new discoveries. 

Our schedule is for specials (Music, Spanish) and lunch bunch, for those registered, to begin in September.


During your child’s home visit, we would like you to provide two changes of clothing for your child, which we will keep here all year, just in case we need it.  Please include underwear, socks, a shirt, and pants, and put them inside a zip-lock bag with your child’s name clearly marked on it. If your child ever needs these clothes and wears them home, please return them the next day to replenish their bag. 

Many thanks!  We do appreciate your cooperation.  We are really looking forward to classes beginning on September 7th. We all cannot wait to get started on a new school year!  Enjoy the rest of the summer, and we’ll see you soon!

Rich, Wendy, and Mara

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7/26/21 - By The Acorn