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Thank you for completing the following information for the 2019-20 school year. Please make sure that every space is filled. Rather than leaving something blank, please type NONE or N/A. Please complete and submit your questionnaire by Thursday, July 25. It will be printed and the teachers will have the forms available for your signatures on your home visit.
As a final step in completing your form, please make sure to download the required health form, Health Concerns, Acknowledgement, and Release of Liability,  a volunteer waver form (one for each person), as well as the allergy emergency plan form, if applicable.  Thanks.
Also, please download, read, and keep for your records this important information:
Class introductory letters

If you complete your questionnaire for your child's records before the class introductory letter download is available, please make sure you return to obtain it.  Thanks!

Student Records Forms 2019-20