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Kindergarten News 3/8/19

March 08, 2019
By The Kindergarten Team

Kindergarten Newsletter
March 8, 2019

We continued our adventure under the sea this week! We explored a collection of sea creature specimens and had a lot of fun playing in the submarine in dramatic play. When we get back from Spring Break, we will be working hard to create The Acorn Kindergarten Zoo. So far, we were able to put together our butterfly house in dramatic play and the kinder kids are excited to add an aviary, reptile house, and aquarium.

In other preparation for our zoo theme, we studied amphibians this week. We learned about the characteristics of this species and got our hands into some amphibian slime too!

This week we also learned how to measure the temperature, by reading thermometers. We were amazed to see the red line go up when we submerged the thermometer in warm water and go back down when we tried ice water. We will add our newly acquired thermometer reading skills to morning meeting’s weather observation.

This week also found us practicing sentence structure. We wrote sentences making sure that they began with an upper-case letter, had finger spaces in between the words, and ended with a punctuation mark.  We are becoming excellent writer’s in kindergarten and books are becoming even more fun to write with all the skills we are learning.

In art with Ms. Sudie, we began our unit on Michelangelo. We learned what an amazing sculptor he was, but we were also were inspired by his fresco work on the Sistine Chapel. We experienced what painting on ceilings must have been like by lying on the floor and painting underneath the art tables. Michelangelo sure worked hard to create those beautiful frescos. We will learn more about painting on plaster in the next art class.

We’ve all earned a well-deserved break! We wish all of you a happy and safe Spring Break! See you on the 18th!

Summer school information has been emailed, and is also available on the office news page of the website.  We hope some of you can join us!

Dates to Remember

March 11-15- No School, Spring Break
March 28- San Antonio Zoo field trip
April 5-7- Acorn Kindergarten Campout at Lost Maples State Park; Amanda McClain has sent out information.
April 8- No School, Kindergarten campout recovery day
April 11- Amtrak Train Trip

Kindergarten News 3/1/19

March 01, 2019
By The Kindergarten Team

Kindergarten Newsletter

March 1, 2019

We spent the week under the sea! The kinder kids had a lot of fun learning about the ocean. They learned about the different ocean zones and what sea creatures live in each. The understood what adaptations that marine life have for living in this vast and diverse habitat.  We studied the differences between fish and mammals and researched and created more sea creatures for our ocean mural. We also made story books with a nautical theme.

On Friday, we strolled to the Witte Museum to see all the Texas regions and animals we had learned so much about during our Texas unit. The kiddos are pretty good at identifying the coastal plains with coyote chasing a rabbit, they knew the tall pines meant they were looking at the east Texas piney woods, and the mountain lion helped identify the desert plateau region. Its always fun to go to the museum!
Next week we transform dramatic play back on land as we begin our exciting zoo theme. The kids will help to turn our kinder classroom into a zoo. We will create habitats suited for various animals, talk about what different animals eat, make a butterfly exhibit, design an aquarium, and set up the baby animal nursery. Soon, we will invite the other Acorn classes to visit our zoo. This is such a fun kinder tradition, and it all leads up to the big kindergarten San Antonio Zoo fieldtrip.

Dates to Remember:
March-11-15- SPRING BREAK

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