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Kindergarten Class Introduction Letter 2021-2022

July 26, 2021
By The Acorn

Dear Parents,

We are excited to start another school year. We will be having a special parent-child orientation on Thursday, September 2 from 11-11:45. This will be an opportunity for parents and children to tour the classroom together, explore the playground and meet your child’s teachers and classmates.  All parents will need to wear masks while in the building and children are encouraged to wear masks while in the building as well. Your child’s first day of school will be Tuesday, September 7, when the children come for only two and a half hours from 8:40 to 11:10. Your child’s second day of school, Wednesday, September 8, we will begin the regular class times: 8:40 - 12.  Kindergarten will be dropped off at the south entrance to the building but will be picked up at our main playground.  When dropping off, please avoid backing up to Broadway. If there are several cars in front of you, please circle through and return.

Beginning the second week of school (September 13th) and for the rest of the first semester, class will begin at 8:40 and end on Monday, Thursday, and Friday at 12:00, while on Tuesday and Wednesday it will extend until 2:00.  Starting the last week in January and throughout the rest of the second semester, Thursday will be added as a longer day, with dismissal at 2:00. (Please note that the dismissal time on the short days is staggered from the preschool dismissal time of 11:30 to help ease the traffic flow through the driveway.)  Our schedule is for specials (Music, Spanish, and Art) to begin the week of September 13th as well.

We would like to emphasize now that your child is in Kindergarten, consistent attendance is very important.  We plan lessons that build on each other, and regular attendance is expected.  This will not only enhance your child’s learning experience this year but is also reflected in their transcripts sent to their school the following year.  We appreciate you taking this into consideration as you plan trips, vacations, and family visits.

The Kindergarten Class will be using our downstairs Kindergarten wing, and your child’s Head Teachers are Lisa Turpin and Leslie McCrary.   This is Lisa’s tenth year teaching at The Acorn, having taught three years in Kindergarten and previously in the Red Apple and Blue Star classes.   She holds her Master’s Degree in Special Education from Texas State University and is well versed in Child Development.  She also has studied Art and Anthropology and worked for a time at the Witte Museum in their education department, as well as a field archaeologist for several years.  She has a gentle, positive personality which is so encouraging to her students.  She shares her vast areas of interest with the children, perking their curiosity about the world around them and creating a high-level classroom environment.  Her excitement for science, culture, and nature is infectious and we are thrilled to have her back at The Acorn! Her son, Bjorn, an Acorn graduate, is in eighth grade at Alamo Heights Junior School.  This is Leslie’s third year in our kindergarten class and second year as a co-head teacher. Miss Leslie earned her B.A. at Texas Tech University, and taught at Saint Mary’s Hall, The Little School of Keystone and St. Luke’s Episcopal School prior to joining The Acorn in 2018. She maintains her EC-6 Generalist and EC-12 Art Texas Teaching Certification. A published children’s picture book author, she loves sharing her enthusiasm for reading and writing with her students. Leslie’s developmental approach and commitment to creativity, responsibility and a love of learning will make her a great fit in our classroom. Her positive nature endears the children to her. On a personal note, she is a San Antonio native and mom of three kiddos ages 23, 18, and 15. We know you will enjoy getting to know them!

Lisa and Leslie will introduce your child’s other teacher in the first newsletter.


During your child’s home visit, we would like for you to provide one change of clothing for your child, which we will keep here all year, just in case we need it.  Please include underwear, socks, a shirt, and pants, and put them inside a zip-lock bag with your child’s name clearly marked on it. If your child ever needs these clothes and wears them home, please return them the next day to replenish their bag.

Many thanks!  We do appreciate your cooperation.  We are really looking forward to classes beginning on September 7th. We all can’t wait to get started on a new school year!  Enjoy the rest of the summer, and we’ll see you soon!

Rich, Wendy, and Mara

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7/26/21 - By The Acorn