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Kindergarten News 1/18/19

January 18, 2019
By The Kindergarten Team

Acorn Kindergarten News
January 18, 2019

This week found us exploring the science and play of winter! Our ice skating rink and hot cocoa stand are open in the dramatic play area and we are pretty sure the temperature has dropped in our motor room due to all the snow we made as part of an absorption science experiment!

Next week we will adventure in to outer space!

We have a new addition to our morning meeting, our money chart!  Each day we record the date in coins.  It is fun to see how you can exchange 5 pennies for a nickel and then 2 nickels for a dime.  This a great activity to reinforce at home.  

We also wrote fun fiction stories using “winter words” in Writer’s Workshop, and discussed solids, liquids, and gases in Science Lab.  In addition, as we anticipate receiving letters from our grandparents, we have begun learning the parts of a letter. Next week we will practice writing letters to our fellow kindergarteners. AND, this is the week we began reading take home readers! During book look time each morning, the kinder kids will be selecting books in these containers. We will practice reading these together and then we will send one book at a time home to be shared with your family.  When you have read it together many times, send it back to school for another one.  Let the reading begin!

In art with Sudie, we learned about Vincent Van Gogh and his painting Starry Night. We got creative as we used chalk and paper collage to put together the individual parts to our own, very elaborate “Starry Night Bulletin Board!”

Reminder: Please be sure to get a jump on the letters to be mailed to grandparents, so they will have enough time to write their letters and send them back to Acorn. We need to have the letters returned to school by FEBRUARY 1!

Mark your calendars:

Monday, January 21 - No School, MLK Day

Thursday, January 24 – First long Thursday (dismissal 1:50-2:00 pm), this is also a Cafeteria Lunch day provided by Lillian’s family

Thursday, February 7- Grandparents’ Day, 1:00-2:00 pm

Kindergarten News 1/11/19

January 11, 2019
By The Kindergarten Team

Happy New Year!  It is good to be back on a schedule again!  It is easy to see that our Kinder-friends are very happy to be back together.  It has been a fun week full of stories about vacations and other adventures!

Do you realize that our Kinder-kids are “Kindergarteners and a half?” We talked about all the things we can do now and all the things we are going to start working. We are growing so fast! We are beginning to practice writing our names first grade style (only the first letter is upper case and the rest are lower case).  We are also practicing our popcorn words. These are two great examples of how we are growing and good things to practice at home too! 

This was a week of review, but we also decorated labels for our very own “book look” containers! During book look time, the kinder kids will be selecting books that they can read OR want to read in these containers.  We will practice reading these together and then send one book at a time home to be shared with you.  When you have read it together many times send it back to school for another one.  Let the reading begin!

Our dramatic play is a winter wonderland! We are ice-skating, working a hot chocolate stand, ice fishing, playing with snow balls, and creating an aurora borealis wall!

Our coin collection for charity, in December, was very successful and we will continue collecting until the end of January.  We will continue to collect coins by helping others at home and at school.  Please help your kiddo to find ways he/she can help at home.  Random acts of kindness are always welcome! In addition, we have decided on a charity! We are collecting for Wildlife Rescue. This organization does wonderful work helping injured and orphaned local wildlife and we would like to help them with their important work. Check out their website: WILDLIFE-RESCUE.ORG

We would like to send a special thank you to Lila’s family for the delicious birthday snack! We all loved it!

Reminders: Our first long Thursday is January 24th. Remember you will need to pack a lunch!

Mark your calendar:

January 17- Cafeteria Lunch (menu TBD)

January 21- No school, Martin Luther King Day

January 24 - First Thursday extended day- your child will need a lunch each Thursday from this date on.

Looking Ahead......Kindergarten Grandparents’ Day will be celebrated 1:00-2:00 Thursday, February 7! Make sure to see your homework this weekend for this fun event.


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