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Two Day TTh News

Two Day TTH Class News3/8/18

March 08, 2019
By The Two Day TTh Team

Weekly News: Recap and Preview
The Ladybugs enjoyed fold art and  balloon painting in art. The Art Studio in the dramatic room was a big hit.
The Acorn summer school dates are June 3rd –June 14th   and July 8th  – July 19th.

Week of March 18th     Dramatic Play: Art Studio
March 25th                      Fire Station

On March 19th Rich will tell us about the incubation process and we’ll watch our own class incubator to make sure it stays at 100 degrees and the humidity is just right. We will be waiting for our Acorn eggs to hatch baby chicks.
Special stories: Draw Me a Star
          Wake Up Spring
          A Day In The Life of a Firefighter
Art Activities:   Stained Glass Art
           Sponge Painting
           Tire Thread
           Red, Yellow, Orange Painting

Small Groups:  Stringing Beads
         Musical Number Pads
         Seven Layer Density Colum
         Count and Sort Unfix Cubes
Important Dates:   March 11th – 15th   Spring Break
We had a great week with your child in our Ladybug class!          
Maria, Mary Ellen, Lori and Shannon    


Two Day TTH Class News 2/22/18

February 21, 2019
By The Two Day TTh Team

Weekly News: Recap and Preview
Our Valentine’s Day celebration was a big success. Thank you to Lourdes Rivera, Eva Aldana, Jennifer Erickson,  Michelle Martin, Jenna Hokenson for our delicious snack. We couldn’t do it without you. We know the children had a fun day sharing their friendship!

What a great week for our Ladybugs. We really enjoyed studying prehistoric time. We had fun learning about the different types and names of dinosaurs.

We have finished our class project which will be a highlighted item on the silent auction at our spring fundraiser on Thursday, February 28th. Our one of a kind Ladybug quilt, sewn by our own Jo Mrvichin, is adorable and we are sure you will want to place your bids!

We want to wish Patrick Davis (2/18) and Fisher Walsh (2/22) a Happy Birthday. Congratulations on turning4!

Week of February 25th Dramatic Play: Dinosaurs                            
March 4th      Art Studio
Special stories: How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?
           If The Dinosaurs Came Back
           I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!
           Lucy Picture    

Art Activities:   Dinosaurs Pasta
            Rolling Rock Art
            Fold Art
            Balloon Painting

Small Group:  Carnivour Facts and Graph
          Herbivour  Facts and Graph
          Creativing Writing
          Eggs Experiment
Important Dates:Thursday, February 28th   The Acorn Casino Night and Fundraiser: bring in your raffle tickets as they are sold
                              The Acorn summer school dates are June 3rd –June 14th and July 8th – July 19th Be on the lookout for more information in March.
              March 11th- 15th  Spring Break
Maria, Mary Ellen, Lori and Shannon

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