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Five Day AM Class News 10/1/21

September 29, 2021
By Blue Star Team

Class: Blue Stars 5 day am

Recap: September 27 – October 1  Preview: October 4 – October 8

Dramatic Play: Fire Station Blue Star

Theme: Fire Safety

Fire Station Blue Star has had another busy week of putting out fires and practicing fire safety in our motor room.  The Blue Star students brought home some homework this weekend and practiced a fire drill with their families.  They counted the number of smoke detectors in their homes and chose a safe spot to meet if they needed to get out of their home in a hurry.  On Monday we talked about what they did with their families to be fire safe!  This week we have been talking about our feelings.  Students named a variety of emotions, such as happy, sad, mad, surprised and afraid.  We talked about how our feelings are not “good” or “bad” - they are just a part of each one of us.  We read the book, Breathing Makes it Better and practiced some slow and deep breathing!

This week we squeezed “puffer” fish to race puff balls down a track.  We used our fingers to pick up puff balls with tweezers and placed them in circles to make an uppercase and lowercase “Aa”.  Students practiced their scissor skills by cutting straws and different shaped lines on fire safety themed paper strips. Once again, the sensory table held trays filled with red and orange “fire” colored salt and used Fire Station themed alphabet cards to draw letters in their salt.  They also practiced “stop,drop and roll” using felt shaped “flames”.  Students stopped, dropped and rolled to put out  the felt “flames” as they fell on the floor (they were experts at this activity).  The week ended with a visit from the fire department!  Our Blue Star students answered many questions and had a few of their own for the visiting first responders.  Please ask them about this exciting visit that helped our fire safety unit come to an end.

Special stories:

This week our read alouds were: Breathing Makes it Better, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Fire Engine No.9, My Mom is a Firefighter, Spark the Firefighter, Mouse Paint and Because of a Sneeze.

Art and Science/Math Activities:

In art, students made a fire truck using their foot to paint!  Our Blue Stars also painted and labeled their own fire helmets.  Science and art were combined this week for a fun activity with shaving cream.  Large plastic bins were filled with shaving cream and powdered “fire colored” paints.  The Blue Star fire crew went into action and put out the shaving cream fire with small fire extinguishers (squirt bottles).  Students observed the colors that were made when the water “melted” the shaving cream and paints together.  Afterwards, they utilized their sense of touch to squish the remaining shaving cream with their hands.  This week we also talked about the properties of smoke and how things that burn will usually produce smoke.  We talked about how smoke rises high and how getting low to the ground would be a good way to stay away from smoke.  Students then practiced crawling on the floor in case they are somewhere there is a lot of smoke. 

October 4th – October 8th :

The next week we will start learning about the fascinating world of insects with a special focus on ants!

Monday, October 4th is our Class Picture Day, be sure you have your Blue Star looking spiffy! 


A big thank you to everyone for helping your student with their fire safety homework!

Have an incredible weekend!

Ms. Christa and Ms. Adriana