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Five Day AM Class News 5/13/22

May 11, 2022
By The Blue Star Team

Class: Blue Stars 5 day am

Recap: May 9 – May 13 Preview: May 16 – May 20

Dramatic Play: A Day at the Beach

Focus: Summer Fun

This week the Blue Stars had fun enjoying a beach theme in Dramatic Play. Yards of blue and green fabric interlaced with small sparkles were laid out on the floor to imitate the ocean. Our sun loving students relaxed by or jumped into the “ocean” to cool off. Student sized beach chairs, beach towels, sunglasses and sun visors were at the ready for our Blue Stars to hang out at the beach. The Blue Stars had more fun dressing up for the summer festivities by wearing tutus and boas for swanky occasions. In the motor room, seals had rings tossed on their noses and wrist ribbons were used to swish and spin around the beach.

In the manipulative room, students used tongs to place puff balls in circles to make the uppercase “O” and lowercase “o”. After they placed the puff balls on the circles, they scooted them aside and placed Avery dots on the circles to form their “Oo’s”. Students kept their focus on their “Oo’s” by tracing their uppercase O’s and lowercase o’s with dry erase markers. Students worked on their scissor skills again by stretching out on their tummies and cutting 5 different lines to help bees reach a variety of objects (ie. honeycombs, hives, etc.).

This week our read alouds were: Summer Days and Nights, Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, And Then Comes Summer, The Twelve Days of Summer, Phillipe in Monet’s Garden, Summer Color!.

Art and Science/Math Activities:

In art this week, students painted with watercolors, depicting activities they might do over the summer. They worked with T-shirts to make something fun for the summer. They played with galactic Play-Doh and individual cans of Play-Doh every day while chatting with their friends. Ms. Sudie helped us close the week with the ever-popular Peter Rabbit’s tea party! Ms. Sudie read the book, Phillipe in Monet’s Garden. This book helped our Blue Stars remember the beautiful works of art that they had learned about during our flower/pollinator unit. The Blue Star teachers helped the students make frog prince and frog princess headbands to wear for the occasion. Our Blue Stars sat around the tea table drinking lemonade while nibbling on tea biscuits and made polite conversation with their friends. This wonderful event helped to bring our Blue Star friends together for another memorable moment.

We continued learning about science by staying in the kitchen and learning through the fine art of cooking! We learned how cooking incorporates many of the same techniques one would use in a science laboratory. We measured and mixed to make some yummy homemade nut free granola. The next day we layered fruit, yogurt and our homemade granola to make tasty parfaits! We ended our week by taking a nature walk down to Brackenridge Park. Our stroll led us to the area behind the Witte where we could view a real-life pond environment. Students were able to see plants (reeds) and animals (birds) that make their home in and around this water habitat. Students became limnologists (scientists who study ponds) and put on their “observation eyes” to share what they saw in this setting. Our Blue Stars enjoyed a snack beside the water before heading back to school. This was a wonderful way to end our learning about a pond habitat!

Wishing you a delicious weekend,

Ms. Christa, Ms. Grace and Ms. Sudie