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Five Day AM Class News 5/20/22

May 19, 2022
By The Blue Stars Team

Class: Blue Stars 5 day am

Recap: May 16 – May 20

Dramatic Play: Camping in the Woods

Focus: Summer Fun

This week the Blue Stars enjoyed a fun camping theme (by our pond wall) in Dramatic Play. A variety of student sized camp chairs surrounded a blazing (plush) fire. Explorer hats, binoculars, sunglasses, beach towels, canteens and lanterns were at the ready for our Blue Star to use for their journeys into the great outdoors. Lots of small plastic forest animals lined the shelves so students could play with and ponder encountering one of these creatures on their travels. Some students put together ramps and rolled balls down their creative engineering inventions while others took advantage of building amazing things with their friends a few more times. Ms. Grace took suggestions from each student and played their favorite songs during the week. Songs from Frozen, Encanto and Rascal Flatts provided some spunky tunes for a day camping by a pond! Tuesday added to the water theme as the Blue Star class had its annual water day. Sand, mud, shaving cream, and lots of water mixed together to make happy soggy Blue Stars! In the motor room, a balance beam, trampoline and tumbling mat were placed into a circle to make our classroom obstacle course. Students showed off their strength, balance and flexibility as their friends encouraged their efforts!

The manipulative room was a place to play and have a good time with friends one last time before the school year came to an end. Students played with individual cans of Play-Doh. Legos were used to create interesting objects while plastic dragons and other mythical creatures were used to create magical playscapes. Students came and went from a table covered with glue sticks, felt tip markers, construction paper, crayons, and scissors to create pictures and notes. Comradery and friendship rolled through the room like the wind through a forest. This week our books were some of our favorites that have been read throughout the school year. Students loved hearing these books read again and remembered some of the books’ messages from before.

This week our read alouds were: Big Pumpkin, Stick and Stone: Best Friend Forever!, Nobody Hugs a Cactus, Night Animals, and The Whale and the Snail.

Art and Science/Math Activities:

In art this week, students came and went from a table covered with glue sticks, felt tip markers, construction paper, crayons, and scissors to create pictures and notes for their friends to remember them by. They played with individual cans of Play-Doh while chatting with their friends. Students created beautiful pictures using their fingers and amazing colors. They also used lots of different sizes of fabric pieces and glue to create a fabric mosaic. We had an interesting addition to the classroom this week for science - a stuffed squirrel! Once again, Ms. Grace’s brother Mr. Mike Garcia, provided us with an interesting specimen. We talked about what kind of animal a squirrel is (a mammal) and then the students told what characteristics a squirrel had that made it a mammal. Students learned how a squirrel’s tail is like a cat’s tail and is used for balance. Students also came up with ideas as to why a squirrel has such sharp claws. Our Blue Star scientists suggested that it could use its claws to climb, dig and protect itself! After our discussions, students used their sense of touch to explore the squirrel further and felt its claws, fur and tail.

All year long our Blue Stars have not only spoken about being kind they have learned what it means to be kind to others. For the past 2 weeks the Blue Stars have been working diligently trying to come up with ideas on how to be kind to their families. Each time they did something kind they were able to add a puff ball to a jar during our Morning Message. Monday the jar was completely full! Our wonderful Blue Stars came up with great ways to show kindness to their families. Things such as: “I gave my Mommy water when she wasn’t feeling good.”, “I helped my Mommy make dinner without being asked.”, “I played with my sister when I saw she was sad.”, “I helped my mom cut the watermelon for dinner when she didn’t ask me to.”, and many more kind things. To celebrate, we had a fun pajama day on Thursday. It was a very comfortable, fun and cozy day! Our Blue Stars are a very kind and sweet class and should give themselves a great big pat on the back for their thoughtful efforts!

The last day of school we traded the shirts we wore to school for the ones we tie-dyed, and the Blue Star class looked stylish, happy and a little older since the beginning of the year. To bring a close to this amazing year we ended it with a large star piñata! Students used their best batting skills to take a swing at the piñata. When our star piñata went supernova (broke open) out spilled gems and gold coins. As students lined up at the gate to leave, they traded in their coins for goodie bags filled with lots of interesting objects for some summer fun! This wonderful event helped to bring our Blue Star friends together for one more memorable moment.

*A great big thank you goes out to all the Blue Star parents for your donations. A special thank you also for Ms. Bonnie Garcia for not only coordinating, but also collecting and putting together these end-of-the-year bags of fun!

** On behalf of the entire Blue Star teaching team, I would like to thank each and every parent for trusting us with your precious children this year. Your support for us and the Acorn means more than words can describe. Throughout this year we have gotten to watch them grow into the amazing little people they are. It has been a year of fun, friendship and learning. We hope whatever new adventures await them in the future they have the kindness, creativity and curiosity they have had this entire year. We wish you a wonderful summer.


Ms. Christa, Ms. Grace, Ms. Sudie and Ms. Adriana