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Five Day AM Class News 5/6/22

May 04, 2022
By The Blue Star Team

Class: Blue Stars 5 day am

Recap: May 2 – May 6 Preview: May 9 – May 13

Dramatic Play: Pond Life

Focus: Pond Inhabitants

This week the Blue Stars took a detour from ponds and focused on mothers! The pond habitat wall stayed up again this week. A pond, along with our classroom tree took up center stage on our classroom wall. It included amphibians, with a toad hiding among some cattails and a frog leaping off a lily pad. Reptiles were represented as some snakes slithered out from under a log and among the reeds. Birds such as ducks, loons, hummingbirds, and a heron took up residence in and around the pond while our classroom tree made a home for some cardinals and a woodpecker! A mother beaver and its kit lurking behind a tree were our lone mammals. Insects were represented by a butterfly and lots of dragonflies. We had a variety of plants including flowers, cattails and fungi (or mushrooms)! Large and small insects lined the dramatic play shelves to help our Blue Stars once again become entomologists. Lincoln Logs added to the dramatic play fun as students made individual insectariums, or insect zoos! Our creative Blue Stars used Lincoln Logs to create enclosures to keep similar insects together. In the motor room, a trampoline was used by students to jump into a swimming hole!

In the manipulative room, students used tongs to place puff balls in circles to make the uppercase “N” and lowercase “n”. After they placed the puff balls on the circles, they scooted them aside and placed Avery dots on the circles to form their “Nn’s”. Students kept their focus on their “Nn’s” by tracing their uppercase N’s and lowercase n’s with dry erase markers. Our Blue Stars got ready for Mother’s Day by matching pictures of baby animals to pictures of their mothers. They worked on their hand/eye coordination by choosing one of 3 different types of food shaped lacing cards to lace. The Blue Stars continued having fun with our light table. Students used their imaginations with colorful small plastic discs to make pictures and patterns. The Sensory Table contained flour and measuring equipment to practice measuring this important baking ingredient. Students had so much fun investigating the flour this week!

This week our read alouds were: Some Moms, Mom School, My Mother is Mine, What Mom’s Can’t Do, I Love Mom, The Way Mothers Are, Love You Forever,

Art and Science/Math Activities:

In art this week, students used foam roller brushes to roll paint over butterfly templates. Ms. Sudie continued the pond theme by helping students draw images of different types of birds.

The Blue Stars know that one of the great things mothers do for us is to feed us! Students helped out this week by making the snacks. The beginning of the week had students helping to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Another day had students following a procedural text (a recipe) to help make something tasty to drink with their pretzel snack. Students followed a recipe to squeeze lemons and measure water and the other ingredients to make lemonade! 

* A huge thank you goes out to the Blue Star moms who attended our special Mother’s Day celebration. The children worked hard on making this a special day for their moms. Students started out the event by giving their mothers a mini tour of the classroom and talking about what they do throughout the day. Next, they serenaded their mothers with the songs, Days of the Week and Months of the Year. Next, students had a snack while mothers were regaled with beautiful portraits and dictations. Our Blue Stars couldn’t wait to give their mothers the special gift they worked so hard on. The event came to a close when the Blue Stars showed their moms how to do the ever-popular, Tooty Ta. Our Blue Stars were so happy to share this time with their mothers. We all hope you had a wonderful time!

May 9 – May 13

The next week we will be getting ready for the end of the school year by talking about the season – Summer!

We hope you keep your observation eyes open and discover an amazing weekend,

Ms. Christa, Ms. Grace and Ms. Sudie