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Five Day Class News 9/17/21

September 15, 2021
By Blue Stars

Class: Blue Stars 5 day am

Recap: September 13 – September 17  Preview: September 20 – September 24

Dramatic Play: Housekeeping

Focus: Our 5 Senses

Dear Blue Star Families, we had an exciting week getting to learn all about our senses.  Monday we used our fingers and learned about our sense of touch.  Each student had a board of items to touch, such as sand paper, feathers, a piece of satin and more.  After touching each item they used their words to describe what they felt.  We learned that we used lots of words to help us describe our sense of touch (hard, smooth, soft as a kitten, etc.).  Tuesday we used our eyes and explored our sense of sight.  We took binoculars and magnifying glasses outside and looked at things both far away and close up.  Wednesday, we used our noses and learned about our sense of smell.  Students had their eyes shut and smelled different fruits such as: oranges, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries and bananas. This helped us understand how our noses work to identify what we eat.  Thursday we talked about our sense of taste and learned that different parts of the tongue taste different things.  We learned that our tongue has taste buds and they are the things that help us know when we have eaten things that are sweet, salty, sour and bitter.  For snack, we enjoyed the yummy taste of popcorn that Ms. Wendy made with her air popcorn popper.  Friday we focused on our ears and our sense of hearing.  We packed up some blankets and went on a journey to the playground.  There the students stretched out on blankets and closed their eyes to listen for different sounds.  Everyone identified lots of sounds.  The Sensory Table this week contained tubs of sudsy bubbles.  Using different colorful sponges, students washed lots and lots of dishes.  Our Blue Stars were so industrious and became expert dish washers by the end of the week.

Special stories:

This week our read alouds were: My 5 Senses, See Hear Taste, Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses, Stuck, Howard B. Wiggle Bottom Learns to Listen, Soup Day and The Popcorn Dragon.

Art and Science/Math Activities:

This week in art, students finger painted fun pictures using their sense of touch.  Students made their own colorful “eyeglasses” for their sense of sight.  Our Blue Stars used colored chalk on black paper to contrast light and dark colors.  They also made and decorated their own kaleidoscopes.

This week in science/math we learned about our 5 senses through lots of different activities.  We  learned that when one of our senses doesn’t work, our other senses get stronger. We also learned the correct way to use magnifying glasses which we will be using quite a bit throughout the school year. 

September 20– September 24

Next week we will be learning all about Fire Safety.


Friday we will end the week with sunglasses day!  September 22nd is the first day of Autumn and we will be bidding a fond farewell to summer by wearing our “shades” on Friday, September 24th.

Our Gratitude:

Much thanks goes out to the Perez family for consuming Pringles over the summer so we could have enough Pringles cans for this week’s kaleidoscope project.

Thank you to our wonderful room mom Ms. Bonnie Garcia for helping prepare our colorful kaleidoscopes for our Blue Stars to decorate them both inside and out!

Lastly, a great big “Thank you” goes out to Ms. Wendy for being our guest reader and reading The Popcorn Dragon and making popcorn with an air popper for our “sense of taste” snack!

Have a wonderous weekend!

Ms. Christa, Ms. Adriana, Ms. Sudie & Ms. Grace