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Five Day Class News 9/24/21

September 22, 2021
By The Blue Star Team

Class: Blue Stars 5 day am

Recap: September 20 – September 24   Preview: September 27  –  October 1

Dramatic Play: Fire Station Blue Star

Theme: Fire Safety

Our Blue Star motor room has been transformed into Fire Station Blue Star.  It has been a great week of making and driving fire trucks, manning a busy command center and lots of fire rescues.  Our Blue Stars have been putting on fire equipment and uniforms to put out fires daily.  We are learning all about what to do if there is a fire.  Please be sure to ask your students what things they should and should not do if there is a fire.  Our Blue Stars were the best when it came to an actual fire drill this week!  Our practice earlier in the week came in handy to know exactly where to go and what to do.  They were the shining stars of the Acorn’s first fire drill!

This week we had fun creating things with red, orange and yellow bunchems.  We made AB patterns using fire colored connecting cubes.  Our Blue Stars used their “pinchy” fingers (index finger and thumb) to pick up puff balls with tweezers.  After picking up the puff balls they were gently placed into the wells on the bottom of bathtub safety treads.  Students practiced writing their letters using salt trays filled with orange and red salt. Fire Station themed alphabet cards were used to help our students see how the different letters looked.  Our students practiced a safety drill to know how and where to go in case our fire alarms go off or there is another fire drill.  The week ended with a fire safety scavenger hunt inside (ex. sprinklers) and outside (ex. fire hydrant) the school.

Special stories:

This week our read alouds were: No Dragons for Tea, Fire Safety for Kids (and Dragons), Pete the Cat, Firefighter Pete, Firefighters to the Rescue, Fire Drill, People Who Help Us: Firefighter, When the Leaf Blew In, Someone Bigger, Look At Us

Art and Science/Math Activities:

In art, students started out the week painting two Blue Star Fire Engines.  During a beautiful Monday morning, the entire class donned smocks and painted two boxes on the picnic tables outside.  Students worked together, sharing paint and finding unpainted parts to complete our new transportation Blue Star Firehouse.  Students mixed red and yellow paint in sealed bags to see what the two “fire” colors made when they were combined.  They used pipettes, small easels, and gravity to make drip art with red, orange and yellow paints.  Students glued different shades of red, orange and yellow tissue paper onto wax paper to imitate a stained-glass fire image.  Again, students used pipettes to drop liquid watercolor paints onto coffee filters to see how the colors diffused throughout the filters.

This week in science we talked about what fire needs in order to burn.  We talked about how oxygen is in the air we breathe and how fire needs oxygen to burn.  We did a science experiment to show how this occurs.  First, we talked about how oxygen is all around us and is even inside the beaker.  Next, we lit the candle inside a beaker.  We then asked the students to make a prediction (a very smart guess) of what they thought would happen when a piece of foil was placed on top of the beaker.  Ideas such as, “It would explode.”, “It would burn brighter.” and “The flame will go away.” were shared.  Next, we placed a piece of foil on top of the beaker and watched to see what happened.  The students watched as the flame got smaller and smaller and eventually went out as it used or “ate up” up the oxygen in the container.

Friday we bid goodbye to summer and said hello to Autumn by wearing our sunglasses.  There was not a cooler set of students hanging out on the playground in their spiffy shades!

September 27th – October 1st:

Next week we will continue learning about Fire Safety.

We have a pending visit from the Fire Department on September 30th.


Please help your student with their fire safety “homework” this weekend.  You do not need to send the sheet back, but we will be asking the students some questions about what they discovered (ex. “Are your exits clear if you need to leave your home?” or “Did you decide on a safe place to gather outside?”).  Thank you!

Calling all parents who might have any cardboard egg cartons lying around. We are looking for cardboard egg cartons that we will use to decorate our classroom for our next unit. Please let us know if you have any to donate! Thanks!

Have a safe weekend!

Ms. Christa and Ms. Adriana