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Five Day AM Class News 10/8/21

October 07, 2021
By The Blue Star Team

Class: Blue Stars 5 day am

Recap: October 4 – October 8  Preview: October 12 – October 15

Dramatic Play: Entomology Lab

Theme: Insects (Focus on ants)

Large, small, creepy, crawly and colorful insects were all over the classroom this week when the Blue Star Dramatic Play area was transformed into an Entomology Lab!  Students looked at insects under microscopes and magnifying glasses.  They put on explorer hats and went around the room talking about insects they knew, ones they didn’t know and ones they were curious about.  A student sized “ant mound” set up residence in the middle of the room (ants live all around us J) and students helped make it a home for egg carton ants they made in art.  In the motor room students used scooter boards to move around the room like insects!  Our young entomologists listened to lots of books about insects and learned a special song as a way to remember all of an insect’s body parts!  Like all good scientists they even went exploring outside to find some insects in their own natural environment. 

In the manipulative room, students used Avery dots to fill in circles to make the uppercase and lowercase Aa and used tweezers to put different bugs in a bowl.  Students used small bug erasers to do lots of counting and worked on their scissor skills cutting lines to get to the bugs at the end of paper strips!  The Sensory Table tubs were filled with potting soil and students dug around in the dirt to find insects that might make their home in the soil. 

Special stories:

This week our read alouds were: Bug Zoo, I Love Bugs, Some Bugs, Insects in Action, The Big Book of Bugs (Praying Mantises, Dragonflies), The Big Book of Bugs (Nighttime bugs, Ladybugs), Ants!, Two Bad Ants

Art and Science/Math Activities:

In art, students worked with paint and pipe cleaners to create their own cardboard egg carton ants for our classroom ant mound.  They used buttons to create different flying and crawling insects they learned about this week.  Large pieces of craft paper were placed under the tables so our student “ants” could crawl under the table and create the inside of their “school” colony. 

Science was all around the Blue Star classroom this week.  Our special guests were some caterpillars and some harvester ants.  The caterpillars were munching away getting ready to make some chrysalises.  The ants were busy setting up their homes in our Blue Star ant farm.  Students were able to see the industrious ants working together to make the colony their home.  Students were greeted to a cross section of a large ant mound on the wall (an anteater wasn’t far away) in dramatic play.  Different ants (ex. workers and queen) and chambers (ex. nursery and food room) were labeled to show what a real colony would have inside.  Our Blue Star entomologists looked at different insect specimens under a dissecting microscope and with magnifying glasses.  They also went outside with their magnifying glasses to look for insects around the school.  Some insects they found were a stink bug, a dragonfly, a moth, a grasshopper, a butterfly and lots of ants!  They ended the week with an ant scavenger hunt.  They found all 15 dye cut ants that had been placed all around the school!

October 12th – October 15th:

The next week we continue learning about the wonderful world of insects with a special focus on butterflies!

To end our wonderful unit on insects the Blue Star class will have our favorite kind of celebration…Crazy Sock Day!  Be sure to wear your craziest socks on Friday, October 15th!

Just a reminder that Monday, October 11th is Columbus Day and there will be no school that day.  We will see you on the 12th!

Have your observation eyes open for the weekend!

Ms. Christa, Ms. Adriana, Ms. Grace and Ms. Sudie